Trinket Foundry
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At the Trinket Foundry, Cathy creates her upcycled treasures: Bottlecap Beads, Tumbled Glass, Tart Charms and Tin Beads for retail and wholesale customers, and sells these products at shows and online.  Have questions? Contact Cathy Collison or Heather Lawrenz at:

200 Division Street 
Suite 180
Northfield, MN 55057


Trinket Foundry: Transforming common objects into treasured trinkets.

Cathy started the Trinket Foundry in the spring of 2007, operating out of the workshop in her garage. That year, she had her first production of the Bottle Cap Beads and in June of 2007, Trinket Foundry had its national debut at the Bead & Button Show. The success of the Trinket Foundry at this show lead to the permanent production line of her patented Bottle Cap Beads. Cathy relies on her friends and family to supply the “raw material” used to make her Bottle Cap Beads, and has met many people who will gladly join her in “drinking for the cause!”

Cathy introduced the Tart Charms in 2009. She upcycled discarded steel file cabinets and vintage silver-plated serving trays, by having them cut into various charms. The serving tray Tart Charms are tumbled to a shiny finish with the prominent engraved patterns of the original tray. After the file cabinets are cut into the Tart Charm shapes, Cathy hand-paintes them with colorful patterns. She loves scouring thrift stores and sales for vintage trays to cut up!

Cathy's most recent addition to the Trinket Foundry is the Tumbled Glass. She hand-cuts each piece from glass bottles, votive candle holders, and vases. Cathy then shapes them with a grinder, and tumbles them for 6 days. The glass comes out with an incredibly silky smooth finish, much like sea glass. One of Cathy's favorite pastimes is discovering glass bottles in unusual colors or shapes to slice and dice.

In 2011, Cathy moved the Trinket Foundry into its current space with dedicated areas for her patented Bottle Cap Bead production, Tart Charm painting, and Glass cutting.  She welcomes you to come visit us when you are in Northfield, just give us a call!