Any combination of Bottle Cap Beads (small and large), Bottle Cap Charms, and Bottle Cap Pendants are 50% off with a $300.00 minimum ($600.00 retail) for your first order and a $200.00 minimum ($400.00 retail) reorder. You can request bottle cap beads that are not featured on the website and we will include them in your order if they are available. Trinket Foundry will substitute if special requests are not available.

We would love to choose a mix of Bottle cap Beads for you or fill in any orders beyond specific requests. We have several great options listed below:


We will select the perfect mix of beer and soda bottle cap beads from our ever changing collection. We will include beads made from all the current big name beer and soda companies as well as vintage and unique caps from original microbreweries and small town bottle shops. This is the most popular option!


Whether you prefer an Irish Stout, German Ale or the good 'ol American King of beers, you can wet your whistle with this international mix of bottle cap beads from the major breweries as well as the smaller regional microbrew houses (which are sent from all over the county!)


This is a good mix of current and vintage soda bottle cap beads, from the most famous recognizable brands to the cute little bottle shop companies that were found in small towns all across the country. Due to the limited supply of soda bottlecaps there is a 10% scarcity fee for the fountain mix.


  • 1-19 beads: $7.95 each
  • 20-49 beads: $6.80 each
  • 50-74 beads: $6.00 each
  • 75-999 beads: $4.00 each
  • 1000+ beads: $3.20 each

Beads featured in the regular section of the website are generally in stock and ready to ship. Special edition beads on the website are available while quantities last.

Customers can request bottlecap beads not featured on the website, and we will include them in your order if they are available.

Custom bottle cap beads are available for an additional $1 per bead.

There are no exchanges or refunds on bottle cap beads.

RETAIL STORES: Please call or E-MAIL info [at] trinketfoundry (dot) com with your wholesale orders as our online shopping cart will not give the appropriate discount. If you would like to purchase wholesale with us please be ready to mail or email a copy of your tax id or business license. Thank you


For retail stores we offer a 50% discount on Trinket Foundry products, Tumbled Glass and Bottle Cap Bead products with no initial minimum order.

Trinket Foundry Products Retail Prices
Tarts $4.95
Keyhole Tart Earring Kit $24.95
Logo Flower Tart Earring Kit $24.95
5-Petal Flower Earring Kit $34.95
Flower Tart Necklace Kit $29.95
Bird Tart Necklace Kit $29.95
Bird Tart Bracelet Kit $43.95
Tumbled Heart Necklace Kit $32.95

Tumbled Glass Retail Prices
Tumbled Glass Rings $1.95
Tumbled Fancy Rings $4.95
Heart Pendants $12.95
Pendants $5.95
Buttons $5.95
Toggles $5.95

Bottle Cap Bead Products Retail Prices
Tin Bead $7.95
Bottle Cap Bead $7.95
Baby Bottle Cap Bead $7.95
Bottle Cap Flower Charm $1.95
Bottle Cap Charm $4.95
Bottle Cap Pendant $12.95
Flower Pendant $14.95
Flower Necklace $24.95
Flower Charm Pendant Kit $12.95
Nailed Bottle Cap Bead $9.95
Bottle Cap Bead Pendant $10.95
Bottle Cap Bead Necklace $11.95
Bottle Cap Ring $18.95
Charm Earrings $14.95
Bottle Cap Bead Earrings $18.95
Six-Pack Bracelet $64.95
Bottle Cap Bead Ornament $11.95
Bottle Cap Charm Necklace Kit $19.95
Bottle Cap Charm Bracelet Kit $37.95
Bottle Cap Charm Earring Kit $21.95-$29.95